Health Care Alerts

Ahead of the game with real-time updates.

Aicota Alerts

Staying informed and up-to-date is important to our residents, their families, and the community. That’s why we offer a variety of alerts to keep everyone connected with what’s going on in our community. From important updates to exciting events, you can count on Aicota to keep you in the loop. With our alerts, you can receive notifications via email, text message, or both. Whether it’s a reminder about a special activity or an emergency situation, we will do our best to communicate with you in a timely and effective manner. You can also subscribe to our monthly newsletter for a comprehensive overview of what’s happening at Aicota.

At Aicota, we believe in transparency and open communication, and our alerts are just one way we demonstrate that commitment. Whether you’re a resident, family member, or member of the community, staying connected with Aicota has never been easier.


At Aicota Health Care Center, we believe in providing the highest quality care and services to our residents. Our team of healthcare professionals is dedicated to enhancing the lives of the individuals we serve, and we are committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for our residents to heal and recover. Whether you’re in need of skilled nursing, assisted living, or rehabilitation therapy services, we’re here to help.