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Irmgard, DON with Dr. Schotzko, Medical Director

Many of us hope to stay in our homes as we grow older and often we are able to do that. However, there may come a time in life when some of us need more help on a daily basis. Maybe that means it is time to move to a place where expert care is available around-the-clock. Our team of experienced health care professionals work to assure that you receive quality, coordinated health care services. We involve you, your family and your physician in the development and implementation of your plan of care to assure continuity.


Aicota Health Care Center provides you with comprehensive inpatient health care services which include:

Jen, Social Services Director
with Resident
  • Nursing
  • Psychological / Counseling Services
  • Social Services
  • Physical Therapy
  • Wound Management
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Massage Therapy
  • Pharmacy Consultation
  • Nutrition
  • Medical Transportation
  • Daily On-Site Physician
  • Hospice
Beyond Health Care

Whether the length of your stay is long-term or simply for rehab, we offer you a variety of unique services/amenities:


You can enjoy the outdoors sitting on our large patio or strolling along walking paths. Our gardens and wild life will give you a taste of the Northland, no matter what your length of stay.


You can partake in our flexible meal plan which encourages you to maintain your dining routine.


You and your family can enjoy watching a movie, visiting, or sipping a cup of coffee together in the family room.


Holly, Activities Director
with Resident

The days are filled with activities, from making ice cream to providing assistance with community projects. Off-site activities, such as pontoon rides, trips to the mall/casino, etc. are planned with you in mind.

Monthly Activities Calendar

"Aitkin County Through Your Eyes" Photo Contest Grand Prize Winner, taken by Shawn Brown ( Sponsored by Aicota Health Care Center.

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